Menù à la carte

                      Our Winter menu


 Shi drum fish tartare with passion fruit mayonnaise and corn chips

Red fruit-marinated salmon with Granny apple slices and crème fraîche

Typical selection of sliced cured meat and cheese from Aosta Valley

          Fassona beef tartare “Moda vegia style”

   Creamy Parmesan soup with swiss chard and poached egg

   Marinated veal with fresh spinach and orange dressing

                First courses

 Mezzelune homemade pasta filled with pear and Toma cheese with juniper-clarified butter, Parmesan and walnuts crumble

 Squid ink spaghetti with creamy tomato sauce and prawn tails

 Our Chef’s Risotto (minimum 2 people)

Green homemade gnocchi with fontina cheese fondue and crunchy Mocetta

Canederli (bread dumplings) with speck and butter

Vegetable flan with creamy tomato sauce and basil reduction

Typical buckwheat crepes filled with ham and Fontina cheese

 “Polenta Concia” (Typical baked Polenta with Fontina cheese)

       Main courses

    Polenta with stewed sausage

 Red wine marinated deer with polenta

 Rack of lamb with mint sauce

  Grilled sliced beef with choice of potatoes or vegetables

  Beef burger, caramelized onions and Toma cheese

  Marinated pork ribs with caramelized onions and BBQ sauce with roast potatoes

   Grilled seabass filet with crunchy vegetables

   Sliced tuna steak with hazelnuts and fresh spinach